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A brief introduction to TopBio, joint-stock company

  • We are a trustworthy Czech company established in 2003 as a private limited company, which, after increasing its basic capital in 2007, was transformed into a joint stock company.
  • We have build such competences on the growing Czech organic market, which has to be taken into view by all the Czech organic market participants.
    • Our distribution power consist of almost one thousand organic food shelfs distributed in national retail chains.
    • We supply numerous of Czech organic food manufacturers, whose just started their organic production.
    • We operate one of the biggest Czech organic mill with the actuall daily capacity of ten tons, which can be multiplied up to hundred tons per day.
    • We are actively involved in cultivation of the Czech organic food market, namely supporting the Best organic product award. We are the partner of Czech Biosummit, supreme event of the organic industry in CEE region.
  • We are a company certified by an accredited controlling body – Biokont CZ, s.r.o. We are a member of PRO-BIO – an association of the organic farmers of the Czech Republic
  • We have become a partner of the contest CZECH ORGANIC FOOD OF THE YEAR 2007 organized by the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic and the Association of Organic Farmers of the Czech Republic
  • Our mission is to assist the permanent and sustainable growth of the Czech organic farmers and manufacturers of organic food by means of providing them with access to the Czech retail market in a most efficient way, in the highest possibly quality and at the lowest possible impact on our environment. The mission embraces the efforts to help retailers meet the needs of their customers, offering highly quality, healthy and domestic organic food.

TopBio - a partner for Czech manufacturers of organic food:

  • We provide the processors and manufacturers of organic food with sufficient volume of organic products of the Czech origin at the highest possible quality at the time they really need them. We negotiated long term contracts with Czech organic farmers, and we dispose with sufficient after-harvest and storage capacity.
  • We serve to the Czech organic processors and manufacturers as an agent, which at any time is ready to support them with imported organic quality raw material.
  • At the same time we help Czech producers to place their organic food on the shelves of the retail outlets and facilitate management of their product portfolio, enabling their further growth.
  • In 2007 organic farming and processing in the Czech Republic developed considerably. At the end of last year Czech organic product sales are estimated near CZK 1,2 billion, what means more than 58% year to year growth. The share of organically-farmed land rises up to 7,2% of the total agricultural acreage. The number of the organic farmers and manufacturers of organic food increases significantly. The number of organic farmers, compared to last year, grew by nearly 350 farms, which means that at the end of 2007 there were 1 249 organic farms in Czech Republic. The number of manufacturers of organic food registered in Czech Republic achieves 223, what means near 47% rise.

TopBio - a partner for Czech retailers in organic food category:

  • We perceive the organic food as an opportunity of increasing future revenues of the retailers and/or a way to improve their image.
  • It is not easy to launch the range of organic food in accord with expectations of the retail chain customers, to optimize the presentation of goods and to deal with the price and brand policies. We are an experienced partner, which is ready to help retailers.
  • We are in Czech republic the only company, which can demonstrate historical experience with category management of wide assortment of organic products, sales assistance, data mining, etc…


  • Hnevkovskeho 65, 617 00, Brno, Czech republic, tel.: +420 533 441 510, fax: +420 533 441 511, e-mail:
  • Mr. Radim Stepanek, Executive director, e-mail:
  • Mr. Tomas Cholava, Sales manager, e-mail:


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